“Organisations do not think, act or make decisions….people do!”


Central to the success of any organisation is that of the ability of its people.  Talent Training is committed to assisting businesses and people achieve more.  By developing innovative skills solutions that employers need, business will grow and people will prosper.

Talent Training works only with high quality employers with a strong commitment to people development.  These organisations demonstrate strategic buy-in to skills and people development. And then we challenge!

We start with a conversation.  We talk about the things that really matter to the employer.  We listen rather than talk.  By doing this, we gain a deep understanding of employer skills needs, both today and those of tomorrow.

We develop innovative solutions that radically target the issues.  Our job is to deliver desirous change in people performance through the delivery of bespoke learning programmes linked to National Qualifications.  We engage with employees and support them to achieve their best.  We raise aspiration and support them to achieve more, both at work and personally in their lives at home.

As Ofsted reported in November 2013, “Talent work, particularly well with the employers to develop bespoke programme that develop the skills learners need in their work.” 


Full range qualifications delivered on site and designed around your business. Interested? Get in touch
Talent Training’s leading pre-employment programme, “Talent Start”, is a high impact resourcing solution for employers. It delivers a full search and selection process along with a pre employment training programme in line with employers skills needs.Interested? Get in touch
Talent Training works in partnership with various UK funding bodies and will advise you pro-actively of any Government initiatives and programmes that are fit for purpose.Interested? Get in touch


Talent work particularly well with employers to develop bespoke programme that develop the skills learners need in their work.