We are immensely proud to share with you that we have commenced our Investors in People journey in the form of a diagnostic assessment. The purpose of the diagnostic was to identify how we measured up against the total of 196 standards. In order to achieve the basic standard, you are required to meet a minimum of 39 standards.

Investors in People is a people management standard aimed at improving business performance through the effective leadership,  management and development of staff. The status of ‘accreditation’ is tiered, where you can achieve Bronze, Silver and Gold levels above standard Investors in People status. We are delighted that not only did we meet the standard, we are confidently aiming towards achieving the prestigious gratification of the GOLD award.

We would like to congratulate and thank the whole team for this amazing first step in our journey. For it was not only the answers given by those interviewed, but the team ethos, amazing effort and hard work which made those who took part in the diagnostic give the answers in which they did. Also, special thanks go out to Jenni Dodsworth who is leading on this project and co-ordinating our application.

This achievement could place us in the top 1.5% of organisations within the entire UK, an achievement which we should all be proud of. It demonstrates our ambition to invest in employees to achieve set goals, create a culture of empowerment, recognition and reward and invest time in learning and development; some things I am genuinely passionate about!

We believe that it is essential for the development of a business to truly engage team members at all levels. Our vision has always been to become an employer of choice where everyone feels valued and can make a real difference to the business. We hope we are developing a culture where everyone is free to grow as a person, a team member or manager, where we all feel trusted, that our contribution is valued and belong to something special. We have learnt some lessons from the diagnostic and some further changes will be made to ensure that as a team, we achieve our vision.

The next steps for us are to go ahead with our formal assessment. Watch this space…..