Ofsted 2013



Talent Training is delighted to announce that its latest Ofsted report was published on the 20th December 2013, in which all aspects of leadership and management and teaching and learning were awarded a grade 2 and deemed by Ofsted to be good.

The report concluded that:

· A large majority of learners achieve well and those in the current year are making good progress.

· Learners are highly motivated to learn; they apply their new skills and working practices well.

· Training and coaching sessions interest and engage learners; training is highly relevant to learners work.

· A wide range of assessment methods are used very well to support learners’ progress.

· Particularly effective employer engagement and workforce development strategies inform and enrich learning.

· Good curriculum development and management support effective training.

· Strong leadership results in successful improvement strategies and capacity building.

The report also comments that:

· A significant outcome of the programmes Talent provides is that learners become motivated to engage in new working practices, work with changed business arrangements and different organisational cultures. Many are refreshed in their attitudes towards their jobs and gain new energy, confidence and enthusiasm. In larger companies employee turnover and absence rates have reduced.

· Learners enjoy the variety of work on their programme, and particularly value Talent’s workshop sessions. They have good opportunities to reflect on their developing skills and knowledge and exchange experiences and knowledge with learners from other parts of the company. Learners who have been working in a customer service role for several years are encouraged to evaluate their performance critically; as a result, many adopt new approaches more closely aligned to their employer’s needs. · Leadership and management are strong. Leaders and managers have a passion for workforce training and development that is shared by staff.

· Talent works particularly well with employers to develop bespoke programmes that develop the skills learners need in their work. Employers value highly the knowledge and expertise that Talent demonstrates in the logistics sector and its aim to provide a first class service to the industry.

Download full inspection report here