“This is probably the most exciting people development project I have ever had the pleasure to be involved in during my 24 years in the industry”. Glen Boyce, Ocean Product Director.

The Employer: DB Schenker is a wholly owned subsidiary of Deutsche Bahn AG that focuses on logistics. The company, created by reorganisation and rebranding of Deutsche Bahn subsidiaries, comprises a logistics division encompassing air, land, and sea freight, and a rail division made up from European rail freight companies.

DB Schenker combines all transport and logistic activities of Deutsche, employing over 94,600 staff, spread across approximately 2,000 locations in over 130 countries, and is now, after acquiring English Welsh and Scottish Railway (EWS), the biggest freight operator in the UK.

Background: From the start of 2008 the catalyst for a new formal education programme in the UK was the merger of two disparate organisations – BAX Global and Schenker.  The result was a unique learning and development programme which the company believes encourages its employees to develop and improve their work skills and as a result it provides the best balance for employee advancement. 

The Challenge: DB Schenker identified a lack of formal qualification pathways in the Freight Forwarding sector and engaged Talent Training (UK) LLP to support them to create a new qualification offering for their UK workforce.

The Solution: A qualification framework was designed and officially launched in 2009 and delivered over the following years.  It comprised two main elements: a Customer Service NVQ (70% of the total) and a Diploma in Freight Forwarding (30% of the total).  DB Schenker’s own board directors in the UK worked with the team from Talent Training (UK) LLP in setting the syllabus for the freight forwarding qualification criteria – which can now be used as a model for companies up and down the UK who want their staff to obtain a Freight Forwarding Diploma.

The freight forwarding module was undertaken by more than 470 staff during 2010/11 and comprises a freight forwarding unit which provides a generic overview of the subject, and then three separate modules: Air, Ocean and Land.  In order to receive a Diploma, candidates must complete the generic freight forwarding unit plus one of the other three modules.  It has been designed in such a way that entrants taking the qualification can  take one or all three of the modules as the second part of their course – whatever best suits the role they currently have or would like to go on to undertake.

The Location: All training and support was delivered on DB Schenker’s twenty plus sites across England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland.

David Harper’s view: “Working with DB Schenker to design and build an industry-first qualification was extremely rewarding and thought provoking.  The company has a can-do attitude and a strong desire to continuously improve.  DB Schenker believes that by investing in their staff, they are investing in their customers.  I share this view.  It was brilliant to see nearly 500 colleagues graduate with an industry first qualification.  I am delighted that Talent Training (UK) LLP continues to work in partnership with the company in 2014 by supporting them in the delivery of their Young Persons Apprenticeship Programme”.