“Yodel have partnered with Talent Training to deliver quality training and development programmes that deliver results since 2008. Since then, we’ve seen the quality of service, execution of delivery and learner outcomes improve year on year. With a refreshing, flexible approach to funded and accredited learning Talent Training were the ideal organisation to partner with in order to deliver Yodels 2013/14 Customer Experience Academy across over 1000 learners. Whilst the size of the task may have proved daunting to some, Talent Training welcomed the challenge and developed an innovate, sector first programme supporting both Yodels organisational strategy and our colleagues personal development. I wholeheartedly recommended Talent Training and its dedicated, passionate and forward thinking team”.  Ashley Murray, Head of Learning & Development

The Employer: Formed in 2010 by the acquisition of DHL’s UK parcel operation by Home Delivery Network Limited (HDNL), Yodel Delivery Network Limited directly employs 7,000 staff across the UK and generates annual revenues of in excess of £325,000,000.

Background: Yodel is committed to delivering an outstanding service to it’s customers.  Senior Management introduced a company-wide policy of instilling a customer service ethos as the primary value in all of its myriad operations and, in support of this strategic vision, a learning & development strategy to support this was required.

The Challenge: Yodel wanted to develop a bespoke training programme which would focus on ‘customer service’ in all of its guises and be capable of delivery, in a consistent and high quality manner, to delivery and other customer facing staff throughout the UK.  No such training programme had previously been accredited and, as a result, the more usual routes to securing some public funding support were not available.  Add to this the logistical and delivery quality management issues of working with approximately fifteen hundred staff on sites from Truro in the South, to Aberdeen in the North and across to Carrickfergus in Northern Ireland, and the challenges became considerable.

The ‘challenges’ were accepted and qualification planning work commenced during December 2012, with discussions with potential funding sources starting in early 2013.

The Solution: The Yodel Customer Experience Academy was launched in mid-2013, this being a bespoke training programme, wrapped around a brand new Level 2 qualification – ‘The Diploma in Customer Excellence in Logistics. This 50 credit, workshop-focussed qualification is the first of its kind in the logistics industry.  The new qualification received official accreditation in January 2014 and Yodel staff started graduating from this programme in March 2014.

The Location: All training and support was delivered on Yodel’s fifty plus sites across England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland.

David Harper’s view: “Having previously delivered a number of NVQ programmes to various HDNL sites, I was delighted when I approached to discuss the ‘customer service’ training needs of the newly created Yodel.  To be involved in the design and implementation of any new training programme is as challenging as it is rewarding, and here we were also asked to identify ways to embed various cultural changes to the recently merged workforces. The involvement, support and encouragement which we have received throughout, from the highest echelons of management, has been outstanding, and the clear, tangible results of the programme thus far are a testament to that support, and to the imagination, drive and initiative of the Yodel L&D team and Talent’s curriculum development staff.”